Fortuitous Break – Greensand Way

Leaving the sheep behind me I followed a massive loop around the periphery of Godinton House and Gardens.

If you stop to think of a “class divide” it’s harder to imagine anything so wide as the “plebs” who live locally in Ashford, and the gentry who must have lived (still live?) here.

The estate is so vast that you never get to see “The House” and walkers are advised to keep dogs under control and stick to path, all driveways to the interior are marked “Private”.

As I passed off the edge of this land the route went over a little bridge, just yards beyond a sign saying “Private Fishing” two lads were taking there chances, but not having much luck.

The path rose gently over a railway bridge, and to my left a Little Egret skulked about looking for his next meal.

Beyond this I descended into a delightful village, “Great Chart”. Almost every building was beautiful, and there I recognised a lovely pub I once stopped at whilst travelling back from Belgium.

Sadly the “The Swan & Dog” was barren, still closed to comply with Covid regs.

At the top of the hill, and across from the church (yes I did sit on their bench, and admire the view) the route went left.

Here I watched sparrows play around the social housing and headed off towards Kingsnorth. My knee was getting stiff and I decided to take a further break on a WW1 memorial bench, looking across at this Triumph dealer.

A green arrow sign pointed down the main road, completely the wrong direction. As I sat sucking wine gums I checked the route on line, and noticed the error saving myself frustration and extra steps.

My final act before moving on. With all my (limited) strength I tried to correct the sign and point it the right way.

No chance, it wasn’t a local yob who set it out but a municipal worker. It appeared to be rock solid, and wouldn’t budge.

Never mind, I was soon on my way – no detours taken!

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