Wonky lunch break – Greensand Way

This part of the Greensand Way walk was officially part of the stage to Hothfield. Which is a mite strange as it misses out the village proper and heads south towards Hothfield Manor acquired Brain Injury centre which is private land.

After all these years walking I’m in the habit of stopping in church grounds for lunch as there’s usually a bench.

St.Margaret’s had one too, but the front has sunk deep into the ground, so I perched on the 30 degree slope to rest my legs. I didn’t get into any trouble, but the approach was on a private lane, so I felt like I might be trespassing.

Around the side of this evidently little used building an old boy was using a mini-excavator to dig a trench. He didn’t seem interested in me, and I wasn’t going to chat and be asked to “move on”.

St.Margaret’s in one of 4 local churches to be supported by lottery funding. Hmmmmm. I would never agree to any church I’m part of accepting money from gambling. I’m more inclined to let failing churches go the way of failing businesses.

So after tucking into my Roz made lunch, and the additional supplies from Pluckley Post Office I packed my bags and continued across Hothfield Heathlands. The signage was woeful, and I relied on my All Trails map to pick up the correct route over a stream and up to a WW2 Pill Box.

Soon I was wandering through fields echoing to the sound of lambs and sheep bleating and baa-ing away. So cute, and a timely reminder that worldwide many are remembering The Lamb of God who was slain.

See John 1:29

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