Greensand Way – view from Pluckley

After a narrow path at Egerton, and the enclosed driveways of rural properties beyond the Greensand Way seemed to burst out in an area of big skies, and open fields.

Looking at the photo now I’m reminded of a few things.

The access to this open space cam via a broad driveway to 3 beautiful properties. One was a glorious Kent style style wooden clad building with an outside staircase, another was brick built and the last a dinky Oasthouse with two friendly ladies in their garden.

They chimed out a “good morning” as I wandered through on the public footpath. I waved back, and set off on an unknown race towards the corner of a field as family (with dogs) approached the same spot.

I’m not impressed by free range dogs, and the assumption that everyone else in the countryside wants to be licked nad sniffed.

Having “won” the race I made my escape up the grassy slopes revelling in the sight of my first Green Woodpecker this year. In between those cackling calls he was digesting ants in the field to the left, just by the third tree in the corner of the field.

Overhead several Skylarks burst into song, the sun was shining. What’s more the map revealed a Post Office and shops up ahead.

A typically cheerful Asian shopkeeper blessed my day, and I supplemented my lunch with £10 worth of “essentials” in preparation for the next 14 miles.

Moments later I perched myself on a bench outside St.Nicholas Church, and at 12:30 started nibbling my lunch. Energy levels restored I popped inside (after appreciating a lovely Easter Garden display in the porch).

Next up I realised I’d gone slightly “off piste” so went back to the village centre and started over on the correct course.

By now I was up on the ridge once again, and heading east in the general direction of Ashford.

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