Heath Hills, Brook – Greensand Way

Here’s Tom striding through a typical lane on this Surrey stage of the Greensand Way.

Whenever I’m walking through these sunken lanes I imagine I’m in some sort of drover’s secluded route, where sheep and livestock would have escorted in days of yore.

Whether that’s true of this “East-West” route I’m none too sure, but farmers on the North Downs certainly took their flocks to better grazing in the lowlands to the south in the days before Range Rovers and aluminium livestock trailers.

Up ahead we were desperately hoping that we’d find some sort of coffee shop or take-away. We were disappointed.

Our only (faint) hope was that there’d be some sign of life at Witley Station. We came away disillusioned, it was totally dead.

Mind you just a short distance away we did come across a Treecreeper, and a bit further on still I managed to spot a female Blackcap.

Last year I only saw male Blackcaps, so I was dead chuffed when the chestnut capped female came out onto a prominent twig just a few yards away.

Given the chance of a nice coffee, or a close up of a Treecreeper and Blackcap I’d choose the bird sightings every time.

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