Lamium purpureum – Greensand Way

Continuing my Latin theme let me introduce to you one of my childhood favourites.

The Purple Dead-nettle.

As I wend my way around the nation’s footpaths I often sense a happy recognition of the flowers that used to surround me as a child.

Most of my primary school years were spent as a “free range gang member” running around the field and lanes beneath Uley Bury, in the Cotswolds.

My all time favourites are water forget-me-nots, but back in the sixties I also had a pretty thorough knowledge of the 50 most common trees (courtesy of PG Tips cards).

Maybe I’m drawn to the small flowers like celandines, bluebells and the like because of my diminutive height.

Anyhow the Lamium purpureum shown here on the east side of the A3 enhanced my day, and probably meant more than the 2 Roe Deer that bolted ahead of us not much later.

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