Hora Pars Vitae – Greensand Way

We descended from Gibbet Hill and took a short break in the graveyard adjacent to Thursley church. It was pretty drafty as we watched the world go by, and watched a Red Kite overhead.

The door was closed when we looked to see the interior of St.Michael and All Angels, but a passing local saw our frustration and told us it would be open at 4pm if we were coming back this way.

It’s fascinating that women are at the forefront in the Easter Story, first to find Jesus had risen from the dead and first to meet a mysterious gardener only to discover he was The Messiah.

My 2021 Easter has been marked by these chance meetings with women outside churches, or out helping to witness to the Risen Lord.

There are most posts to come on this stage of the Greensand Way, but at the end of the stage a lady stopped to talk to us about our walk and “The Stations of the Cross” display being held in the grounds of Gate Street Farm.

Not only that they tried to anticipate our interests and needs, one offering to open up the church if we needed the loo (as we were effectively in the middle of nowhere).

I like that sense of service and gentle witness, even if it makes me wonder why there aren’t many blokes sharing The Good News.

Tom and I looked back at the church, with the cross and purple ribbon signifying the resurrection. I’m thankful so many rural churches still witness to the most amazing occurrence since the dawn of time.

Oh, and that heading to today’s post?

Hora Pars Vitae – is written on the church sun dial, which translates to “Every hour is a part of Life” to which I would add, perhaps it’s incumbent upon us to make each one count!

2 comments on “Hora Pars Vitae – Greensand Way”

  1. The purple cloth on the Cross really touched me.

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