Celtic Cross – Gibbet Hill, Hindhead

By: snowgood

Apr 09 2021


Category: Surrey, Walking

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Just next to the Devil’s Punchbowl on Gibbet Hill we came across this rather smart Celtic Cross.

20th century motorists used to pass this spot on the A3, but many years before that it was on the route of the nation’s first public road from Portsmouth to Chatham.

The road was constructed to aid travel between two important naval ports and became notorious for highwaymen.

In 1786 an unknown sailor bought three such characters a drink in the nearest pub, and then headed north towrads London. Before he’d covered a mile his new “friends” decided to rob him of his remaining cash.

The sailor died, and when “The Law” caught up with them so did the rogues responsible for the murder. They swung near the site of this cross, and the unnamed sailor’s memory lives on.

In recent years this local beauty spot has been enhanced by a diversion to the A3 and a new tunnel which has helped the spot regain a more remote feel.

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