“Starting” The Greensand Way

My latest goal has been to complete the Greensand Way during lockdown.

As such I’ve tackled the miles nearest our home first, and then radiated out from the middle, both to the east and west.

Here we are in early April and I’m one good walk away from finishing the 108 mile trail.

On Good Friday I teamed up with Tom who joined me on the Two Moors Way down in Devon, and regularly entertains me on walks throughout Sussex and Surrey.

The photo is taken just beyond the first Greensand Way signpost. You can see the 55 mile marker to Limpsfield, although the full path goes much further into the depths of Kent.

We parked in Haslemere just beyond the Brewers Paint Store. A few shops were open, but we eschewed an early snack and set about the steep climb up towards Gibbets Hill and the Devil’s Punchbowl near Hindhead.

A bright red VW Karmann Ghia beetled around as we crossed the railway bridge, and then it was up, up, and more up.

A young girl in lycra jogged ahead of us, stopping to stretch every few seconds. To an old timer like me it looked like she wasn’t finding the going any easier than us. Or maybe she was just retuning her iPhone?

When the tarmac ended on High Lane we walked up a gulley of sorts, huffing and puffing our way forward.

Most of our climbing was done in those first few miles, and the last 10 miles were much easier.

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