Pitch HIll – Greensand Way

Tom looks in his rucksack as we hit the fifth highest point of Surrey.

The views are far reaching and easily accessible from George Harrison’s former gaff down in Cranleigh.

Rumour has it he wrote “Here comes the Sun” after standing on the summit.

For those of us walking our way along the Greensand Way the “Pitch Hill” represents one more climb ticked off on our 11.9 mile section from Gate Street Farm to Leith Hill.

My app says we climbed 2362.2 feet! That’s amusing, as there are no decimals with Imperial measurements.

No amount of research reveals why this hill is so named. Perhaps an army once encamped here, or maybe the flat top once inspired a game of football?

I wouldn’t fancy playing cricket here as one firm stroke would soon lose the red cherry for ever.

Whilst I’m here HAPPY EASTER.

Jesus has broken the shackles of death, and rose again!

Here comes The Son!

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