Gate Street Farm – Greensand Way

Back on the Greensand Way again yesterday.

The official starting point was about a mile west of Grafham (and just off the A281).

When we arrived it was fairly obvious the only parking spaces were on private land, so we parked up half a mile away near a suicidal pheasant.

Only one of us had proper walking shoes, but apart from one hideously muddy section the majority of the 12 mile stage was on pretty firm ground.

Beyond the farm we came across several acres of nascent Christmas Trees. Norwegian Spruce, what could be a finer native crop?

A little further on Tom and I parked on the bench outside Christ Church, Shamley Green and ate our packed lunches.

The building was open, and we went briefly inside. It was surprisingly dark, and equipped with a carpet. We decided muddy shoes, and nice interiors don’t go well together and carried on.

Most of the time we were in Shamley Green a single prop aeroplane was scooting around at low-level, presumably having taken off from the nearly by Dunsfold runway (and Top Gear test track).

The tough stuff lay ahead of us 720 metres of climbing on this stage.

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