Deepdene Austin

Last Saturday we headed over to Dorking with the aim of exploring the Deepdene Estate.

A few weeks back I picked up a leaflet all about whilst out walking with Tom.

Roz loves looking around gardens, so I imagined this would be a good move, especially as it’s less than 30 minutes from our home.

Sadly things didn’t work out as planned.

Sure enough it would have been grand back in the 1930’s but since being requisitioned during World War II it has been left in a state of decay.

Whilst it was great walking on the terraced paths, climbing hundreds of steps and looking at the distant views a total absence of flowers was rather disappointing.

Our best find was on the edge of the estate which has now ceased to be the Kuoni office, and is being prepared for building work.

Rotting away amongst the leaves were the remains of an old Austin. Possibly a 7?

I wish I was good with my hands, it would great to dig it up and restore it!

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