Georgian Space Programme – Greensand Way

Beyond Linton House I continued enjoying good views until the path veered slightly to the north of the Greensand Ridge and eventually narrowed down into a track between two fences.

Up ahead I could see a field of 60 or more goats vacating a field, before I came across a gate and got a close up of the herd heading back to the Buttercups Goat Sanctuary.

They were all different sizes, and quite tame. One was trying to climb a tree, another was feeing on long crass beneath the fence. The rest were well behaved, and not the slightest bit worried as I followed behind them.

Then it was out onto a road, and across a field with a few score of linnets, and a Sparrowhawk in the distance. My finishing point in Sutton Valence wasn’t much further ahead. I covered nigh on 11 miles in 4 hours.

Just beyond the goats I came across this 1920’s Post Box – it looks like an early space rocket for Tin Tin.

A great stage of the Greensand Way. 5 Stars!

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