Feeling Good during Covid lockdown

The Greensand Way is turning out to be a truly fabulous trail.

Some are still stuck indoors, or struggling with mental health but “The Great Outdoors” can still deliver a tremendous sense of well being.

By the time this leg of the trail was getting close to Coxheath my “range anxiety” issues had begun to diminish. Of course I could “do this” and still get back to Saxonbrook Medical Centre for my vaccination centre volunteering.

Despite my optimism I was somewhat annoyed at my inability to recognise the Kentish crops. The landscape here is so different to the fields of Cambridgeshire an Lincoln that I passed through on the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

Just what were these stubby trees that seemed to be everywhere along the escarpment.

Then I saw a lady out walking her dog (earphones in, but a nice smile). “Excuse me, but do you know what’s being grown here?”


I was amazed, the trees were so low, and evidently lacking fruit of any kind.

I kept trudging eastwards, and sure enough as looked beneath some of the trees I could see rotting apples.

Modern farming has seen fit to clip these trees back to an optimal height for quick picking, and better profits.

Now it all made sense, but I wasn’t even half-way and it was getting close to lunch time.

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