Twyford Bridge – Yalding

How’s this for a river in full flow?

Records for Twyford Bridge date back to 1325 and it stands next to Teapot Island in Yalding.

My research shows this view was often enjoyed by the author of one of my favourite books, E.E. Nesbit.

I guess that fits in as her stays here were at the The Anchor, just a short walk from Yalding Station.

Perhaps it may even have inspired her to write The Railway Children, or maybe she just came to escape her rotten husband?

The beginning of my walk through Yalding was as flat as a pancake, and took in a quaint post office and further old bridge leading up to St.Peter and St.Paul’s Church.

Sadly the church was locked, but I did enjoy walking along the cobbled path leading up to the main entrance.

Further up the street the route took a sharp right and entered a modest housing estate.

Before long I was out in the country, and a little while later I was climbing up an old drovers path under tree cover when the heavens opened and hail started bouncing on the track around me.

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