Oi You! The Greensand Way

Towards the end of recent weeks I check the weather apps on my phone as I look to walk further along The Greensand Way.

Last Friday the indicators suggest wind and unfavourable walking.

Come Saturday morning the sun was shining, nothing was going to stop me.

I arranged a cab in advance, and left my car at Sutton Valence. When the chap took the booking he somehow didn’t believe I could walk there from Yalding Station.

I reassured him “It’ll be no trouble at all”. Once I was sitting in the cab listening to the truly woeful “Heart FM” for half an hour the doubts set in.

It took the rather uncommunicative cabbie 30 minutes to wend his way back to the Medway and my starting point at the station.

Perhaps I had miscalculated!

I pulled on my rucksack, tightened up my walking shoes and as they say “The Longest Journey starts with the first step” and I was off.

Several “sporty types” were executing complete rolls whilst staying inside their canoes. Phew, that’s impressive considering how cold the Medway must be at this time of year.

They chatted for a while, and then two made a break fir it when the lock gates opened. The chap from the environment agency wasn’t impressed.

“Oi you, come back. Don’t you listen, this stretch is closed!”

Incredibly the once virtually dry channel leading down to “The Boathouse” was rapidly filling with water (and associated detritus) – so it was easy to understand why the lads had tried to make good an escape.

A moment later they turned round, and I was off – heading towards the picturesque Yalding Village centre.

It was going to be a FABULOUS day!

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