The Best of our Spies

Here’s one that I forgot to review earlier. As you can see it’s the second part of my pre-Christmas £5 investment.

It was the first Alex Gerlis novel, and amazing first book.

Maybe it was my familiarity with World War Two that made it even more enjoyable than the Berlin Spies (set in a more modern era).

I guess I’m not the only one who likes to think “We British do things properly”.

The backbone of this book is the premise that our even own secret services may occasionally dupe their own nationals.

A seaman nearly drowns, ends up in hospital and ends up being attracted to a beautiful and rather accommodating nurse.

Affections and a change in plan lead to a new post for our not so able seaman. Before long the French evacuee marries the recuperating seafarer.

Little she’s “sold a line” which is used as intelligence by the Nazis.

Before long the bride becomes part of the British Secret Service, and then joins up with French Resistance.

If you want to read something better than most of the recent Robert Harris novels try this!

Who would have thought our local Garden Centre could have served up such good quality reading material!

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