Mistletoe – Greensand Way

Beyond the “Fieldfare Tree” it wasn’t long before I was dropping down to Roughway Lane, and catching a glimpse of hunched up Grey Heron beside a small pool of water.

A little while later I was outside the Kentish Rifleman grabbing er a surprisingly enjoyable “Petrol Station” sandwich (Tuna and sweetcorn/wholemeal) from rucksack.

I also topped up my 3pm lunch with a small packet of salted peanuts and water, before heading back (and effectively starting my next “mini-stage” of The Greensand Way”.

As I radiate out from home I officially trace my route in an easterly direction. So what about the return journey?

Whilst the outbound walk was good the setting sun made the walk back was infinitely more enjoyable.

The 6 miles to Dunk’s Green had taken me 2 and half hours (including map reading and church visits). Although in truth it was trying to make out birds against the sun that cost me the most time.

Heading back I was recollecting all my happy days birdwatching on the Exe Estuary where the best results always came when I was working with, rather than against the sun.

Virtually every bird I tried to spot as i retraced my steps seemed to be 400% more visible, with all the colours considerably more vivid.

I started out with a Coal Tit, and “bagged” a Greenfinch, Dunnock, Pied Wagtail just beyond Mereworth Road. The Great White Egret was beside the private lake once again, and as I came up to the A228 a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew ahead of me.

Over the road, up the hill and pretty soon I was watching hundreds of Fieldfare, all feeding in the stubble. A sprinkling of Redwing were getting a slice of the action too.

I had a pleasant chat with a fellow walker coming towards me, and heading back to his home at Ightham Mote. These “one on one” random chats with strangers are so energising.

So what of the photo? Well in several places along the way I was spotting huge Mistletoe clusters, which really stand out at this time of the year.

These clumps remind me of Eddie Grundy on The Archers, who used to sell them every Christmas. One might ask if there’s are any other “provisions” less popular during these Covid times.

Time and again these last 12 months I either inwardly scream when I see people “get too close on TV” or making contact in a novel.

If we ever get the chance again I for one would back a movement for the re-introduction of mistletoe above doorways and all that entails!

5 comments on “Mistletoe – Greensand Way”

  1. I’ve recently seen trees with plants like this in them. Must be mistletoe too!

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