Mismatch (West Peckham) Greensand Way

My outbound walk back to the starting point of the next stage of the Greensand Way included a walk beside a lovely converted farm building that had 4 Oast Houses as a spectacular architectural detail.

I might share a photo of that later.

A real thrill was then in store.

On a private lake I saw a bird first for 2021. A Great White Egret, totally immobile trying to impersonate a faded Garden Centre plastic heron decoy.

As I watched it suddenly took flight. I was thrilled.

Then it was ever onwards, and I got to walk through the tiny village of West Peckam.

Once again the church was open, and I popped inside.

This one is active, but also has mismatched tiles.

I didn’t notice at the time, but it was good to look inside and savour the details – which included a steel spiral staircase.

It was turning into a fascinating walk.

Neither of these villages has anything to do with Peckham featured in the Only Fools and Horses TV series.

The “REAL” Peckham is so different!

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