There (and back) Greensand Way

What an amazing weekend.

After Kid’s Church (on line) I made my way across to Yalding with the hope of getting a taxi back to Dunks Green.

Ooops, no cabs available.

What to do?

Knock 2 miles off my intended linear walk, and then walk there (and back again).

This walk was one of my favourites.

I silently grumble when these long trails are jam-packed with other walkers.

No such trouble this time.

I parked opposite Yalding Station (which is nearer Nettlestead Green than the village of the same name), togged up and walked the 100 yards back to the River Medway.

A small vessel was doing a quick about turn next to the lock gates.

Further on the path veered away from the water, and I starting my 6 mile hike towards the pub at Dunk’s Green.

The sun was absolutely dazzling, but there was a brave wind that necessitated wearing my windproof jacket.

About 2 and half miles to the north east I came up to this fabulous building.

St.Michael’s Church, East Peckham. Thankfully it was open, and I got to have a nose around inside.

It really is out on a limb, and is no longer used for regular worship.

Somehow it gave me a “good feeling” so I dropped a donation in the collection box.

Later in the day I prayed that there would be a thirst for The Lord, and that it would once again welcome those who sought the Saviour.

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