signs of hope in Dorking

Our Greensand Way ramble from Leith Hill to Brockham Green included a lunch break in Dorking.

Obviously there was no chance for a “full on” dining extravaganza, but we were able to order and watch our carefully hand crafted sandwiches take shape whilst considering the drink options.

From what looked like being a disappointing repast we came away encouraged, and settled down in the Horsham Road bus shelter for an enjoyable interlude.

My eyes were drawn to the higgledy-piggledy apartments across the road. The designers had really gone to town trying to create something with architectural significance in this old town. Sadly they contrived 5 different styles within a 100 yards – and it looked as aesthetic as a man wearing brown shoes, a blue suit and baseball cap all that the same time.

Just before we finished a frail, and weary elderly gent wearing John Lennonesque glasses asked us to “vacate”. It was quite evident we weren’t waiting for a bus, and that he would find standing for a few moments untenable.

So we gathered our possesions, stuffed them in the rucksacks ready to carry on.

Up above the buds on a magnolia bush were starting to form. We’d not noticed them before, but just perhaps they’re a sign of good things to come?

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