The Temple, Bury Hill – Dorking

Half an hour after taking the photo in the “decent descent” post I lost my glasses. These problems are usually relatively minor as I’m always making notes of birds seen as I go, and use my glasses write my notes.

As ever I retraced my steps, but it was quite some way back I’d last written “Buzzard” in my note book. They may have been “Porsche Design” and cost a small fortune 2 years back, but they also bent and incredibly scratched. For me this was a good excuse to take an eye test and get a pair that didn’t remind Roz of a stern school teacher! Any how I digress.

The Buzzards made spectacular viewing, possibly get some training in for skirmishes with crows. Three birds were soaring above us, and two in particular took it in turn to lock claws in flight. One would fly upside down and another would grapple from above. Perhaps it’s a courtship ritual?

Back on our Greensand Way walk we were soon climbing up to “The Temple” on Bury Hill. To be honest we were pretty “out of puff” by the time we reached the top, but were again rewarded with fabulous views.

It such a pleasure to discover new beauty spots, especially this close to home.

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