A Single Swallow – Horatio Clare

By: snowgood

Feb 21 2021

Category: birds, books

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What to do whilst my wife is on one of those “girly phone calls”?

Ah, how about letting the world know this is a good book?

Partly about swallows, but a whole lot about travel and self discovery.

If I could guarantee good health and avoid malaria I kind of think I’d like to try something equally audacious.

Of course I’d need a companion as my French is pretty poor, but I can identify a swallow.

What’s particularly enjoyable in the author’s empathy and connection with so many of the people he meets on his travels.

He reaches out and tries to help those in need.

As on any long journey which doesn’t major on driving your own car on good roads Horatio finds things don’t always go to plan.

I like the fact that he leaves Morocco with a true sense of direction, and plans to get married.

Lastly, who hasn’t taken a channel ferry and come into England without that incredible sense of despondency only Dover can afford?

Well worth reading.

8 out 10.

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