Greensand Way – Ide Hill

Trying to sort out the logistics of a long distance trail in lockdown is a bit of a faff.

As we get further away from home I could rely on buses and cabs, but let’s be honest that’s not much cop for social distancing.

Inevitably I find myself working with and around the movements of Roz.

Yesterday she sat in a garden for more than 2 hours (sub zero temps) whilst I walked from Limpsfield Chart to Ide Hill.

It normal times this 6 mile walk would have been extended to double that length, but who wants to hang about in a back garden that’s freezing cold?

The stage would probably be pretty muddy and dull in normal times, as much of it was in woodland.

Lucky me simply crunched through virgin snow, or carefully negotiated the icy bits.

Plenty of Redwing about, and I would have had a full house on the UK Thrush family – but didn’t see any Fieldfare.

There plenty of people out sledging, but not may serious speed merchants.

At the ned of the walk all I wanted was a hot coffee. The Community Shop had different ideas! It’s now much bigger, but they only do coffee Monday to Friday.

Most peculiar.

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