By: snowgood

Feb 10 2021

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Category: birds, Surrey, work

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After another hectic day it seemed only right that I should “get out” and enjoy the last twenty minutes of daylight.

A walk round the block?


I wanted to watch birds.

Could I squeeze that in so late in the day?

My car had been in use, so I used it again and drove 3 miles to Hedgecourt Lake near Felbridge.


What a wonderful time.

There was a murmuration of starlings to my left, and the sky filled with Canada Geese straight ahead.

Don’t be fooled by the placid waters, this place was a cacophony of sound.

A few yards out a barely visible coot was calling, seemingly telling me off.

At my feet Mute Swans and a few resident geese noisily plopped into the water.

What a wonderful start to the evening.

One comment on “Squeeze”

  1. Wow Fabulous A fitting end to your hectic day bigz

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