Lockdown Trail – Greensands Way

Here’s a thorny question.

How should we balance our mental and physical health during lockdown?

I’m already had the Pfizer vaccine due to my volunteering commitments and 11 “No Shows” whilst on duty.

Putting that to one side the obvious way to stay physically healthy is to lock your front door, and order all your food and day to day essentials for home delivery from Waitrose.

Except some us (me included) can neither afford or justify paying 20% over the odds for life’s essentials, let alone get a delivery slot.

So our “fall back position” is to grab one Sainsbury’s delivery a week, and make one or two non-peak hours trips to a convenience store each month.

That’s all very well, but even in a spacious home we might go stir crazy without fresh air and exercise.

How do you balance that desire for freedom and good mental health?

I’ve wound back my plans to tackle the Thames Path, as it would be a 2 hour drive to get to the start.

A few days ago I started the Greensand Way, and now I’ll be nibbling away at the central sections near our home, rather than drive miles in pursuit of adventure.

Sunday saw us cover 8 miles from Nutfield to just beyond Godstone, before heading back along the A25 and back to the car.

That was 11.3 miles, and there were loads of people on the muddy paths in and around the M23 and A22.

Here’s Roz climbing up above the plains below the South Downs.

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