Legacy of Spies – le Carré

Last year I reviewed “The Secret Pilgrim” which was most enjoyable.

More recently I read John le Carré’s biography, which was fascinating.

Today I finished “A Legacy of Spies”.

For what it’s worth the basic outline of this spy story are good. We follow several key “Circus” characters as they go about their Cold War espionage.

Early on we learn the that Peter Guillman may be the “fall guy” for a lawsuit against HM Gov and her role in the loss of life at the Berlin Wall.

The story unfolds through various “contemporaneous reports” which may be used against Peter Guillam one of the protagonists in “Windfall”.

It’s all going well until the latter chapters when “the accused” does a runner with no apparent chase from those who’d set out to frame him.

The Adam Sisman biography revealed the author’s tetchiness about bad reviews. One suspects this 2017 publication may have run short on plaudits.

Snowgood Rating: Three Stars

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