New Year “Birding” – Chaffinch

When we lived in Devon the first of January was a BIG day.

I’d grab my binoculars, and telescope and visit Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham and then wend my way down the Exe Estuary looking for as many species as possible.

Ironically I don’t think I ever kept my records complete, so at the end of every year I didn’t have one definitive list of everything seen!

I do remember the marvellous timber slats put in a ladder frame at Dawlish Warren. As each species was seen it would be slotted into place creating a tall colourful tower.

My idea last year was to draw every species seen.

It’s safe to say I saw many more species than the eight drawn.

So here we go again, I’d like to have a display of A6 pictures which can be added to throughout the year as each new bird is recorded.

First bird seen in our garden yesterday was (for us) a rarity.

Chaffinches are common species, but seldom seen. Several were on our lawn and in our laurel yesterday.

If you’re interested we saw 31 species, most “proper” bird enthusiasts probably clocked 100.

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