walking into a new era?

I like to get to bed before all New Year hoo-ha.

Is any one moment really more valuable than another?

In the end we turned in early, and I decided to tidy up a few loose ends, making notes of books I intend to read in 2021.

One of which is a German children’s story.

Emil and the Detectives. It’s all about a young boy who is robbed on a train journey, and then sets out through the streets of Berlin with a posse of kids who look to put things straight.

When I discovered how old it is I took to You Tube and was able to watch a 1935 Anglicized version.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, but it took me back to the days of Saturday Cinema club. My sister and I paid 6d each week to watch predominantly black and white films at Dursley Cinema.

That’s long gone, but the happy memories remain.

Anyhow you can imagine I didn’t get up early, but Roz and I made a circuitous tour around Snowhill, Hedgecourt Lake, Forest Row, Weirwood and West Hoathly.

We met a lovely chap whist waiting for take-away coffees, and a super couple whilst watching the birds at Weirwood.

I was also able to answer a few bird identification queries, and give tips on local walks.

Here’s hoping we can do our bit to help others have “a wonderful life”.

Given time I might even mention Jesus!

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