and finally – SHoT 19

Today’s the day I managed to finish The Sussex Hospices Trail.

Back in August Roz and I started out at Haywards Heath railway station, and before 9:00am I was back there again getting a cab back to North Chailey.

On this occasion I was ensconced in the back of a 7 year old Toyota Auris, featuring the most amateur screen I’ve seen all year.

The plastic was indented here and there, and made out of the same “material” you’d find on a kid’s buggy. It was held in place by two flimsy wooden uprights and velcro around the edges.

Having taken numerous cab’s on my travels this year I’m surprised at the inconsistency of standards across the country.

As drivers seek protection I think these screens are a good idea, but some councils have banned them unless they are professionally fitted at a cost of £800.

Others allowed DIY versions, then changed their minds.

Yet other operators have been forced to do without. For me it all went a bit pear shaped whn we had to exchange real money at the end of my £16.40 ride.

Once out of the cab I decided to see if North Chailey Church was open for prayer, only to discover that it’s now a private house. No wonder there are curtains in the roof.

A little further on the trail turned north, and up and around a magnificent windmill. 2 sedate horses joined on a slow descent, with their riders busily chatting and showing no inclination for haste.

Then across a brook, up a hill and the route skirted Great Norven Farm where I discovered ye ancient Sussex pyramid.

It looks like slaves rebelled, as the brickwork was shoddy!

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