Newick Church – SHoT 18

Arriving in the cemetery and garden of remembrance at Newick Church I was pleased to see a bench, to rest my blistered feet.

Flopping down onto the seat I was shocked to find the timbers incredibly slim, and barely able to support my weight.

I just about avoided breaking the timbers, moved to the left and unpacked my lunch.

A friendly Robin came up to my feet looking for scraps, and I fiddled with my phone trying to see if the Grand Prix was about to start.

Twenty minutes later I was on my way, and enjoyed a delightful chat with a couple of cyclists who were also taking a rest after a 25 mile bike ride up to Chelwood Gate.

My last mile was alongside the rather busy A272, which meant the last mile back to the car was pretty dull.

Listening to 5 Live I heard all about the Grosjean crash, and race stoppage. It could have happened to anyone, but this chap has been having big accidents since the year dot.

It’s good that he survived, but in the interests of safety it’s probably good that he has lost his place on next year’s grid.

Here he is at Spa in 2009 (holding a drinks bottle) just before wiping out Jenson Button.

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