Manandog – SHoT 18

My excitement as I near the end of The Sussex Hospices Trail was enough to propel me back out doors on Sunday, even though my trusty walking shoes were “out of service”.

Thinking the going might be wet I decided to trek the 6odd miles in my steel toe capped site boots.

These knock 30% off my walking speed, but add at least 2 blisters per outing!

The route out of Uckfield runs through an industrial estate, and presented my best photo opportunity of the day.

An exhaust man with a stainless steel hound at his side. Could this creation be a “manandog”?

I carried on passing dormant Vauxhall and Toyota dealers, it must be grim if you’re “working” in the motor trade right now.

Thankfully I escaped into the fields beyond the Uckfield ring road. Almost immediately the walk “came alive” with pleasant paths and a flock of migrant Fieldfares cackling as I headed west.

Rounding one corner I upset a cock pheasant sounding an alarm call before flying off to safety in the next field.

Soon I was passing fabulously grand country retreats, and a remarkable rockery partially hidden by a dilapidated wall.

A lazy buzzard sailed through the sky, and then the sun made a brief appearance. Long Tailed Tits bounced around in the bushes, as I plodded on towards Newick.

Did I mention my feet were hurting?

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