SHoT 17 – Tropical walk to Uckfield!

Another Saturday, and another stage of The Sussex Hospices Trail all done and dusted.

We arrived in Uckfield early planning to catch the 9:46 am 261 bus to Heathfield.

Except nobody at the bus stop knew if it was still running, not even the drivers.

So we walked to the Railway Station hopped in a cab, paid our £20 and got out to Heathfield a little earlier than planned.

As it was so sunny, and we had ample time we decided to have take-away coffee before setting off on our 10.6 mile walk.

Guess what rolled past as we stood drinking?

Yup, a curious white bus (it looked more like a community support vehicle for special needs purposes). It was the elusive 261!

Ah well, the sun stayed with us all day and we even took our coats off later in the morning. The walked started out properly on the Cuckoo Trail down by Waitrose.

After passing a curiously recreated “Frenches Halt” we took the downward path across a field into a boggy wood.

Up ahead a Treecreeper was clearly visible. It’s months since I last saw one, so we were off to a good start.

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