Tick – SHoT 15

Here’s one of several ponds which are curiously situated towards the higher slopes of the Dudwell Valley.

Any bird watcher worth his salt will gravitate to any change in habitation to try and see something different.

Can you see the Mallard?

That was another “tick” on my bird list for the day.

Thinking of ducks and ponds one can’t help being reminded of corrupt Tory politicians.

We had one who cheated the tax payer by claiming for a duck house on his parliamentary expenses.

Sadly such philandering also happened up here in Sussex.

The Right Honourable (sic) Greg Barker was up to tricks with property dealings in 2009, but also acquired £6 million for lobbying on behalf of corrupt Russian oligarch!

Something’s wrong with our nation if we then choose to reward such folk with life peerages!

Mind you I see the same constituency still voted Tory despite the outrageous goings on of the former minister.

Has anyone spotted an improvement in the behaviour of our current politicians?

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