Pevensey pondering – SHoT 9

By: snowgood

Nov 03 2020

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Category: adventure, Sussex, Walking

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Generally speaking I find it easier to travel light. If I wear a rucksack whilst walking it’s usually fairly empty.

That way I find I’m not so encumbered and make quicker, and more comfortable progress on my long distance walks.

Whilst I knew the rain was coming I certainly didn’t think it was worth carrying waterproof trousers.

Half way around Sovereign Harbour the heavens opened, and continued to lubricate me through Pevensey and into Normans Bay.

My trousers were saturated, but a fantastic sausage roll from the Ocean View Bakery went a long way towards keeping me happy.

When a passing car ran through a roadside puddle I was soaked that little bit more, but rather get cross I simply found it amusing.

The latter part of my walk included the odd foray up onto the shingle beach, where I watched 11 Turnstones foraging.

During the walk I’d also heard a Pied Wagtail, seen Mute Swans, Herring Gull, Great Black Backs, Starling, Sparrows, Wood Pigeon and the odd Buzzard.

In Pevensey I was able to peer up at a converted Martello Tower, one of over 300 built to provide protection against Napoleon.

How I wished I could get inside and see how they looked after being converted into modern homes!

At the outset I’d hoped I might take an impromptu swim just before getting back to the car.

Sadly the waves were far too fierce, and I’d have looked a right numpty trying to dry off without a towel in the howling gale and driving rain.

Maybe next time?

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