Added Value – Whitby

By: snowgood

Oct 07 2020

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After an enjoyable time in and around Staithes we realised it was time to stock up on provions.

We were fairly confident that a major town would have a bigger supermarket than Castleton so headed along the coast to Whitby.

It was our first visit, and we parked up outside a big Co-op.

Whoops, I’m not used to paying £2.50 for parking for a food shop.

The ladies were in and out in 5 minutes, which gave us time to head along the River Esk, and out to the harbour walls.

Up above the town on the south side are the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

All around us were the usual sea-side attractions, which hold no particular fascination for the author.

Would be mariners could choose between several vessels for a £4 tour of the harbour and local coastline that lasts 20 minutes.

Mmm, something else I could do without.

Mind you, the sun was shining and our £2.50 was well spent.

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