The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun

All the books in our kitchen have been taken from the kitchen bookcase to my study.

Decorators are sprucing up our home some 7 years after it was built, and books I’ve ignored have presented themselves on my desk begging to be read.

The Heavenly Man was first published 20 years back and caused quite a stir.

Set in China it shows how Communist China tackles Christianity, and seeks to control her people.

Just like the public confrontations in Hong Kong these last few years the mandarins of mainland China simply try to crush anything they don’t support.

What’s more the Chinese system seeks to penalise the families of believers, and surprisingly takes violent action against those who are already destitute.

Whilst Brother Yun is beaten, starved and humiliated he somehow manages to commune with his Saviour and change lives inside prison.

Fellow inmates and guards alike see how someone with the mind of Christ can transform even the most miserable of circumstances.

Even so it takes years before Yun recognises his family deserve more, and his ministry needs to become less of a priority.

A great story, an incredible man, but a 74 day hunger strike? I’m struggling 

3 comments on “The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun”

  1. Read the book shortly after was published. Brother Yun has had quite the life. I have listened to talks he has given in other countries and read more information about him on the internet. How God delivered him from China was extraordinary. It was not a hunger strike but a 74 day fast. It enabled him to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and preserve his life.

    • Yes you’re right – my mistake. I have a Christian Prison Chaplain friend who says the human body usually cannot live beyond about 30 days without food & water – and he’s seen the results first hand. Maybe The Lord can give greater strength to a Holy fast than a hunger strike?

      • Yes! The reason he did the fast was to obey God. God sustained him. Moses fasted on Mount Sinai twice for 40 days and it says nothing about him drinking water. However, he was in the presence of God, a definite life changer. Moses spent every day in the presence of the Lord and at 120 years old, his eyesight was not dimmed and he had the strength of a young man. Obeying God and pursuing his presence defies human logic.

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