SHoT 23 to Pulborough

Sunday was looking good, so after Roz had tarted up the front garden we decided to take on the next stage of the Sussex Hospice Trail.

Stage 23 starts at Billingshurst Railway Station, which is in a street that offers free parking at the weekends.

We parked up at 12:39, took our rucksacks and set off towards Pulborough.

Roz enjoyed walking through the residential streets of Billingshurst, whilst I was pleased to hear a Buzzard mewing a few hundred yards away.

Over the first two miles our enjoyment was spoilt by the proximity of busy roads, and noisy exhausts.

Beyond “The Limeburners” pub things started to improve.

We has to walk through a neatly cultivated hedge, and climb a stile and then we were out in the countryside.

After descending down a shallow escarpment I picked out a Sparrowhawk.

Like the raptor above we were getting hungry, but couldn’t find anywhere to stop until we reached a renovated section of the Wey and Arun canal.

A conservation trust had kindly put two benches up for ramblers, and we tucked into our wraps and enjoyed our chilled coffee.

After studying the signs, and admiring a restored waterwheel it was time to move on.

A mile further on we came across a few folk who were also enjoying an al fresco lunch.

Whilst a lot of restoration work has been done, and a whole lot more has been started it look like the majority of this man made watercourse will remain dry for some time.

Even so it was a pleasure to look back from a newly restored bridge, and have some sort of sense of life as it was during the industrial revolution.

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