SHoT 22 to Billingshurst

By: snowgood

Sep 06 2020

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After waking up late on Saturday I couldn’t help noticing sunshine.

Roz was gardening so I decided to take on the next leg of the Sussex Hospice Trail.

Horsham Railway Station to Billinghurst Railway Station.

Using the Alltrails app the rout was more challenging than expected.

The trace I was following frequently went across land with no access, after a while I worked out what had happened.

The signal here was weak, and my own “marker” at times showed me half a mile off the route, whereas in truth I was bang on track.

There were very few birds out and about yesterday, but once again I walked in sheer awe of the amazing school at Christ’s Hospital.

My guess is this lovely little spot is probably staff quarters.

Either way it looks idyllic, and the other walk highlights were the eye opening parks around Horsham, plentiful juicy blackberries and a random almost Vietnam like helicopter parked up near Billinghurst.

Somehow though I didn’t have much energy, and felt a tad “useless” as I wandered through the various fields.

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