Keep ‘er Lit – Len Nugent

By: snowgood

Sep 06 2020

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Crawley Open House are a local charity that give a helping hand to people who haven’t got a home.

An old friend of mine helps run it, and we support them in a small way throughout the year.

I recently volunteered my services by helping assemble flat pack furniture, but their latest appeal was for folk to buy a book written by a local businessman.

“Keep ‘er Lit” charts the life of Len Nugent who was a Belfast school kid during “The Troubles”, who ended up in Crawley as a teenager.

To say he was “a bit of a character” would be an under statement, but this autobiography is a page turner, and Len doesn’t hide his misdemeanours.

Having spent many years working with developers s and contractors I enjoyed reading about how Len got his businesses up and running.

Even more exciting was reading about his mammoth walking adventures, and life on board his boat (above) as he sailed around the Mediterranean.

My only query on this 5 Star book was that I didn’t notice any explanation to the meaning of “Keep ‘er Lit” anywhere in the text.

If you like a good read and want to help the homeless you could help make a difference by downloading the story on Amazon for £7.99.

All the profits go to a worthy cause.

5 out 5 – A good book!

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