SHoT 21 to Horsham

A Bank Holiday weekend, and a chance to unwind!

My chosen pursuits over the last three days of August?

1. Start a Jigsaw which was a Christmas present.

2. Read a book about the 2011 Tsunami in Japan.

3. Walk on Stage 21 of the Sussex Hospices Trail.

We’re now into September and I haven’t finished the first two on the list.

On Sunday we covered 13.6 miles between Balcombe and Horsham railway stations.

It’s so enjoyable taking on new trails, especially when they’re virtually on your doorstep and take you to fascinating places for the first time.

Although we would have preferred the Spanish registered Range Rover to have showed a bit more caution on the driveway to Ditton Place.

These public rights of way may annoy residents of upmarket residences, but do the residents really need to show such disdain for pedestrians?

Once we’d walked a few miles we wandering along the lower reaches of Nymans Gardens, enjoying the lakes and Giant Redwoods.

For the first time ever I used the All Trails app to guide me on a walk.

It certainly beats guessing where you’re going, but I still managed to miss one turning as we climbed up towards Handcross.

At the village we stopped for a disappointingly bitter coffee at The Red Lion. Complimentary cigarette smoke hastened our departure.

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