Bewl Water and TMS

By: snowgood

Aug 23 2020

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An invitation to Sevenoaks served up the perfect opportunity to tackle a walk that came to my attention back in June 2018.

I’d been tacking the Sussex Border Path which followed the shoreline for about 3 miles.

Our previous experiences at walking near here suggested “Galapagos” as ideal starting point.

Roz dropped me off at 11:58 just as the curious pub come restaurant was opening.

After buying “essential supplies” for the journey and having a soft drink I was on my way at 12:15, and almost immediately went the wrong way.

Not that it mattered as I was soon heading anti-clockwise and climbing some significant hills.

Once I was down by the shoreline the lightest of showers stopped, and I was stepping carefully on a slightly muddy path.

Further into the route I was on various quiet lanes, with hardly nay cars to trouble me.

What did surprise me was the sheer volume of knackered cyclists unable to tackle the numerous short sharp shock climbs.

Most of these folk were probably in their twenties, although a few family groups were taking on the challenge.

O the northern shoreline my phone had a good reception and I listened in to Test Match Special as Zac Crawley gave the Pakistan a hard time at the Ageas Bowl.

By the time he was stumped on 267 I’d nearly got back to the start.

What a wonderful Saturday.

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