Laughter is the best medicine

By: snowgood

Aug 22 2020

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Trying to get free shipping on a recent second hand book order I ended up buying a book about Top Gear’s original “Stig”.

It was only after I started reading it that I realised I’d bought it on my Kindle back in 2017.

Even so I’m happy to report this book is an absolute hoot.

Perhaps some of Perry McCarthy’s writings are exaggerated just like Clarkson’s funniest lines, as it’s hard he’s had so many fights.

The bottom line is that “The Stig” wasn’t an overnight sensation.

Every achievement came after hard graft, set-backs and stretching his finances to breaking point.

What makes the book so special for me is that I was a spectator at some of his memorable races, that and the fact he’s an incredible comedian.

Pity about his use of the name “Jesus”, but a brilliant book nonetheless – 9 out of 10.

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