Context – Greenwich Meridian Trail

Last Friday evening (stage 31) I covered over 6 miles before meeting Roz at the Cleethorpes Premier Inn between Grimsby and Humberston.

On “Yorkshire Day” we both walked to the south from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust car park near Kilnsea.

Saturday’s walk provided 13 miles of Greenwich Merdian Trail, as the 4.6 mile journey to the tip of Spurn Head was the “prep” needed before continuing my northbound trail.

On Sunday morning I picked up the trail at Patrington, and managed a 3.2 mph average speed across the 10.5 mile final stage.

I’ll show a few more pictures soon, but thought the map might add to the reader experience.

P.S. I haven’t perfected the art of walking on water, when the route was inaugurated there was a hope that a regular boat service might be made available, but this has not materialised. 

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