Inside Louth – GMT 30

In recent weeks my walks through Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire have passed many churches.

I hadn’t been inside any of them, as Boris decided to close them all whilst I was in Essex.

The churches serve up more character than any Tesco Express, so I feel that a part of my Greenwich Meridian Trail experience has been “robbed”.

So after crossing the rather dangerous Louth ring road on foot, and passing peculiar folk walking Llamas it was rather wonderful to step inside St.James Church.

It features the tallest steeple of any medieval church across the nation with resident Peregrine Falcons, but for me it was the joy of going inside that made it special.

It was light and airy, but without the advertised coffee shop.  No problem, Louth had several other good options nearby.

After popping inside I spotted a little roundel mentioned that the Lincolnshire rising started here on 1st October 1536.

The vicar (Thomas Kendall) was hung, drawn, and quartered on 25th March 1537 for standing up against the monarchy.

One might well ask about the wisdom of preaching against a regime, when the Gospel is fundamentally about the hope that comes from trusting and loving Jesus.

Then again I’m one of many that believe today’s government seeks to serve themselves, rather than the people they represent.



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