Sibsey _ Greenwich Meridian Trail 28

After two miles walking in a straight line the trail took an apparently unimportant right turn, before jinking left and eventually back onto the route I had been on earlier.

It was obviously a well planned diversion, as the little kink in the route runs by the Sibsey Trader Windmill.

It recently passed into the hands of English Heritage who are looking to restore the building over a period of several years.

I arrived just as the shop was opening, and had hoped to ferret around inside.

Sadly it was only open for flour sales, and access to the floors above is denied whilst the Corvid 19 virus persists.

Originally this was a 6 sail mill, and one of the last built. Hopefully it will be action one day, and offer coffee to passing walkers.

It goes to show “cheating” by taking a more direct route isn’t wise, as these glimpses into our national heritage add an extra dimension to the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

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