Moulton Marsh – Fosdyke – GMT 26

4th July 2020, and the first night in months we could legitimately stay away from home.

I was back on the Greenwich Meridian Trail, starting out from where I went astray last time.

After an in car picnic (is that a thing?) I hopped out and headed towards the Moulton Marsh Nature Reserve.

Here the path turns sharp left and keeps to the southern bank of The River Welland.

It was good to be on the right route, and although the birds were hidden by a hedge there were plenty of poppies and wildflowers to brighten my journey.

The other unusual sightings were “people”!

A young couple, who didn’t venture far and then a middle aged lady with 2 small dogs and a further old boy also walking his canine friend.

You might think this fact is hardly worth mentioning, but these 4 folk were the only souls seen en route during the entire 5 hours and nigh on 15 miles of walking.

Yes there were folk in the Fosdyke boatyard and in the middle distance along the way, but there was nobody on the path until I reached Boston just before 7pm.

It’s only as I type this up that the path’s proximity to The Wash has become apparent.

It could be a fabulous spot to watch waders with a good scope.

For what it’s worth the best birds I saw on this stretch were Swifts.


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