Speaking Christian – Marcus J. Borg

Here’s a book looking to help us out, and recover the lost meaning of Christian words.

I get that.  Language changes overtime.

Here the author seeks to unravel the truth about Christian phraseology, frequently used terms and words in the Christian lexicon.

So how did I get on?

Let’s say I was a bit suspicious from the off, although the “Be Loved” interpretation of “Believe” appealed to me.

I’d best summarise the book with a very clear image that came to mind as I finished the last chapter.

It gave me a sense of Marcus working in a cliff top garden laid out with all manner of shrubs, bushes and flowers that fitted together harmoniously.

Each element represented a fundamental part of the Christian faith.

Marcus was wandering around the garden with a wheelbarrow and spade.  In order to “improve” the garden he dug up all the key features, and wheeled them off to to edge of the cliff.

Little by little everything that was of value disappeared into the water below.

Having achieved his goal with the solitary aim of trying to help others understand the Christian faith better the gardner had instead created a void.

In this garden none of the bushes caused offence, none of the colours clashed, and they lacked any pungent aroma.

In fact the new garden was now rather bare, but at least it had room for fresh ideas.

Like the “All roads lead to Rome” tree, and the “Rose Bush that had no thorns” and wouldn’t harm anyone.

Yes here was an open space where all faiths were of equal merit, and the one who said “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life” simply ranked as an equal amongst many religious leaders.





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