Smashing Countryside (GMT 23)

Pick up any book on the British Countryside and you may find it omits all too frequent sightings.

Junk, and fly tipping!

It could be a pile of junk in the middle of the road (seen 2 weeks ago in Over) or a random fridge-freezer on a bridleway.

Just beyond the edge of Chatteris I came across this Corsa van replete with smashed windscreens, and utterly trashed.

Presumably local hoodlums have used it joy-riding.

I was surprised someone has managed to hot wire such a modern vehicle.

Mind you it wasn’t all doom and gloom at the end of Fenton Way.

A few yards away I’d spotted my first Reed Warbler of the day and shared notes with a local rambler who was just coming back from a walk in the Fens.

I lover these random encounters, as they promote a feeling of well being.  It’s nice to learn a little about what goes on locally, where to see Fallow Deer or indeed the local spot favoured by cuckoo.

He was amazed that I wasn’t using an OS map, that is until I told him how far I was walking and that my phone could generally point me in the right direction.

“Ah, I don’t take mine when I’m out walking.  Goodness knows how anyone would find me if anything happened to me.”

That’s admirable in this day and age, a real human being who isn’t welded to his phone!

I listened to his tips about following the route where the grass had just been cut back, and that it was necessary to double back to cross the 40ft Ditch on the main road.

Five minutes later I heard a cuckoo, although the right way forward still wasn’t completely clear.


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