Chatteris street scene (GMT 23)

My 23rd stage on the Greenwich Meridian Trail and I was pretty pleased to start walking by 10:30 am.

The cab driver was grateful to have some business, and said his trade had been dreadful since the corona virus lockdown kicked in.

After thirty years in business he’d just invested in a new larger car for airport runs.

Imagine that.  Trying to finance a new car for fares that he’s unlikely to charge.

Not an enviable position, and to cap it all the regulatory bodies have capped the fares at pre-virus rates.

Mini cab drivers can’t even charge a premium to offset the drop in trade.

Before we move on have a closer look at the photo.

Blue skies, bold shadows and architectural beauty.  The town planners seem to be doing a good job in Chatteris.

You might expect an older property to feature a parapet wall and high level dentil course, but even the new properties are tastefully styled.

One empty property even had an “open All Hours” mural.

Across the road a huge building had spherical finials in the place of dentil mouldings, and also featured a semi-circular oriel window.

Why even the street lamps look special.

Looking at the sign in this street scene and you’ll see mention of a “Working Men’s Club”.

It’s a shade ironic, we haven’t got Ted Heath levels of official unemployment but half the nation can’t work because of the pandemic.

One last note of thanks before “we” leave town.

Chatteris gets top marks for having decent toilets which are open during the current crisis.

After my long drive from Sussex my twenty pence was well spent.

Curiously you get 15 minutes before the door automatically unlocks!




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