The Railway Children – E. Nesbit

Not many children’s stories that are 115 years old get a mention on the excellent Radcliffe & Maconie show on 6 Music.

Then again few books that have been so memorably adapted for the big screen as “The Railway Children” starring the wonderful Bernard Cribbins as “Perks” and fabulous Jenny Agutter as “Bobby”.

As lockdown has kept us apart from virtually everyone that matters in our lives I decided to connect with our grandchildren by recording chapters from some of my favourite books.

Here’s a story which reflects the social norms of the times, back when Edward VII was on the throne and almost everybody was either working class, or had live in servants.

It was written by Edith Nesbit who had socialist leanings, and absolutely rotten husband.

Well I loved it, my grandchildren who are all still primary school age really enjoyed it too.

Grandad can’t wait to sit down with them and watch the film once the Corona Virus has been kicked into touch.

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